The Designer

Didi Ocheja was born in Nigeria, and spent most of her life in England where she was educated.

Didi began designing when one summer, curious strangers would stop her while out and about on the streets of London to ask where she bought accessories that she had designed and made for herself. Inspired, she asked a dear friend to join her to make jewelry pieces in the first trunk sale held at Kensington in 2005.

A cultural and artistic butterfly, Didi’s pieces are influenced by all the things she loves most, family, history, travel, design, art, as well as fun things that reminded her of childhood like watching her stylish mother get dressed, or sighting swallows from Europe passing her home town in Kogi, where the mighty River Niger met with the River Benue.

The swallows told her story, one of movement and travel, where colours, flavours and form would converge in her accessories and jewelry. Their migration but continual return home was her route too. And the freedom they represented resonated with her too.  Many of these inspirations creep into Didi’s designs, igniting sartorial sensibilities that find their way from prayers, thoughts and memories converging into a stylish idyll and one brand.